Clixroute Media and its network of owned and partnered publishers give utmost importance to the privacy of our clients and their businesses. We always stick to the following security and privacy rules that are created to keep the environment and relations healthy for all. If you have anything to say about them then please don’t hesitate to contact us in our contact us page. We will appreciate your concern and comments.

Please read the following policies carefully before registering yourself with us.

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Clixroute Media Privacy Policies


If any advertiser is registering with then they are explicitly agreeing to the use of their provided information as described here. The advertisers who don’t agree with this policy should not use Clixroute Media ad network Services. Once you sign up to register with us then you agree our terms and conditions and allow us to update them from time to time without sending any individual notice. It is your sole responsibility to read it carefully before signing up with our service platform.

We may use the information as provided by the registered advertisers and can combine it with their purchase history and can use it to contact them for additional services or products and also can share it with our partners to contact them for any such related services. The information captured will be kept with us for indefinite time and will be our company’s property till the advertiser terminates their relationships with our company on any background.

Serving Advertisements:

Clixroute Media is in partnership with various companies of online media to provide the online advertisements to the end users across various websites on internet platform. When an end user visits ads provided by Clixroute Media then his information about interaction, location, IP address, etc may be recorded (Although we don’t use cookies to personally identify any user). Ad Cookies may get stored in his system for better tailoring the advertisements, these cookies may store information about your interests.

Our partner sites may sometimes provide information about end users, In these conditions all the information is kept confidential and private with us. Our Company only believes trusted organizations with clear privacy policies provided on their sites. All the information collected is not sold in any conditions to third parties. We may use it for internal analysis and research purposes to enhance user experience and technology advancements.

Our Partner Organizations:

All the accesses provided to organizations on our Website are based on the contract relationship with them.


We may use third party advertising technology (third party ad serving) providers to serve advertisements on our partner publisher sites. These services may use cookies of their own to read our cookies and get the information associated with them. We are not responsible for this, but we are always here to address concern for the security of users, so if you find any issue then you can write to us.

Final Words:

Clixroute Media is working best to safeguard its data and the privacy of its all users. But as we all know that no electronic storage method is 100% secure and safe. We are using the best trusted systems for security purposes and are bind to use the best in future as well. We will work best under the policies described here and will follow all legal processes without fail. For any concern regarding these policies please write to us Privacy concerns.

Our Company reserves the rights to change these policies at any point of time in the future without notice that may happen due to changes in applicable laws by regulating authorities or internal decisions. All partners and advertisers will have to accept these changes as and when they occur in future.