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Since last 5 years, Mobile advertising has grown at an unprecedented rate; and that sounds quite exciting. But someone somewhere needs to actually make that idea come alive. So, we insist you to make most out of this dynamic medium with Clixroute Media at your side.

Our Services Include:

Mobile Banner Ads

We are always working on to offer targeted mobile banner ad campaigns that appear within top mobile publisher ad networks and in some of the most popular apps in the world. We make use of some of the top mobile ad publishers along with unique geo-targeting solutions in order to place the most relevant mobile banner ads.

Mobile Video Ads

This is 21st century and the viewing control of audiences is just a touch away from them. Smaller screens have now turned into an alternative as a digital platform for brands to advertise their products and services. And we ensure to create Mobile Video Ads that simplify complex connections between devices and people and brands; all at scale, and with unparalleled expertise. We offer advertiser an unprecedented access to mobile video along with rich media on tablets and smartphones.

We also offer services for Cost per download Campaigns and other Advertisements like in-app ads, WAP ads. Our team works on Ads Model such as CPM, CPC, Cost per download and Cost Per View.


We, at Clixroute Media offers Mobile Advertising Network that helps the Advertisers yield highly targeted mobile ads. Our team ensures to deliver Real Time Analytics, Create Performance based Mobile Ads & Mobile Videos that have a Global Reach. Our performance marketing empowers a network of online publishers to help increase sales and generate leads for your business with the use of innovative range of performance-based advertising and integrated product calls-to-action across mobile and apps. We offer you with options to get benefit with the reach of our extensive publisher network. Our team is capable of customizing your particular business needs so that it gets easy to create a hybrid combination of the two.

Tools and Features:

  • Best in Class Real Time Analytics
  • Support for Rich Mobile Campaigns
  • Performance tracking
  • Targeting based on different aspects
  • Campaigns delivered through industry’s leading rich media platform
  • Ability to deliver innovations at big scale and seamlessly across our publisher network
  • Maximize ROI via our Affiliate Network
  • Choose from different channels or exclusive sites or E-Mailers to specific databases

We, at Clixroute Media make sure to deliver the Publishers a convenient and profitable revenue that facilitates in monetizing the mobile properties. We know that your success in online media matters a lot, so does ours. This is why our team is firmly committed to building your performance marketing business through our ad network, making sure you are put through right advertiser programmes that offer you with you powerful tools to drive more conversions and earn more revenue. If you are looking to work with more top brands and generate more revenue, then with our collaborative approach to drive profitable growth might get you the results you are looking for. We offer a powerful and result oriented monetizing solutions that feature real time optimization for Cost Per Mille (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per View (CPV), Cost Per Download and Cost Per Installation Campaigns.

Tools and Features:

  • Fastest Response times
  • Wide range of apps and sites monetized
  • House Campaigns
  • High CPC yields
  • Direct access to the best advertisers and agencies
  • APIS
  • Benefit from proprietary information and about current market trends from our experienced sales team