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Advertisers and Agencies

Clixroute Media is a leading digital advertising company to provide handcrafted solutions for your digital advertisement campaigns to get better results in form of unique reach, high SOV and more importantly improved ROI.


Reach :

  • Reach to Quality Publishers with high Unique Visitors.
  • Reach to target audience with customized contextual targeting standards.
  • High share of voice and quality mass reach.


  • Engagement of audience for brand association.
  • Interaction for better recall.


  • Believe in Quality standards of impact on audience.
  • Quality check of publishers and transparency with advertisers.
  • Regular Optimization for better results.

Clixroute Media Will Enable You To Maximize Your ROI:

Clixroute Media is here to help advertisers and advertising agencies with everything for achieving their ad campaign targets and goals. We help you targeting the right audience across the globe, buying the innovative media for your ads and achieving your target goals.

  • Advanced new generation digital expertise and technology.
  • Advanced Digital offering.
  • High quality Audience Sharing.
  • High Share of Voice campaigns.
  • Proper time to time optimization for best results.

Clixroute Media Best Features:

  • Run your campaigns on Display – Social– Mobile (WAP & APPS) – Tablets.
  • Advanced Audience Sharing: We help you target audience from multiple segments, which will give a diversified pool of TGs for your ads, all under one roof.
  • Highly Effective Targeting: Clixroute Media uses technology which enables you to target your ads on the basis of content, geography (Country/State/City), demographics and other attributes.
  • Best Campaign controls: We help you to control your campaigns which improve advertiser return through various capabilities viz., delivery pacing control, placing frequency capping control etc.

Ad Formats

  • Text Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Rich Media
  • Video Ads
  • Mailers

Where we will run your ads

  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • News/Business/Finance
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Auto
  • E-Commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Regional
For Publishers

If you are a good performing publisher and you have good unique users on your site then Clixroute media is a perfect place for you to maximize your yield. You can make a revenue opportunity here by sharing your audience with top buyers in this industry at Clixroute Media.

Ad Formats :
Partner with Clixroute media and rely on our expertise to help your site serve banners from below ad formats:

Display Rising Stars Banner Ads:

  • Bill Board (970X250)
  • Film Strip (300X600)
  • Portrait (300X1050)
  • Mrec (300X250)
  • LeaderBoard (728X90)
  • Full Banner (468X60)

Video Banners :

  • In Banner Video (300X250)
  • Pre-Rolls (300X250 and 600X400)
  • Expandable/Retractable Video (300X600)
  • Other Variable sizes.

Rich media Banner Ads :

  • Background Skins
  • Expando
  • Roll Over
  • Home Page Take Over
  • Site Capture

Other Innovations.

Clixroute Media Best Features For You:

  • High yield from CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per mille).
  • 100% Inventory monetisation options.
  • Track your profits and your inventory performance.
  • Access to best advertisers and ad agencies around the world
  • Best and fully customized service for your ease.