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[p]CMS- Content Management System, is a computer application which is required to, edit, manage, and publish the content in a well-organized way. Content Management System includes the management of files in computer, image media, audio files, video files, electronic documents, and content on content. The main purpose of a CMS is to store, control and publish the documents including articles, manuals, instructions, brochures, guides etc.  A good CMS for websites gives a better experience to users and hence facilitates a good user experience.[/p]

[p]At Clixroute Media, the CMS services are pocket friendly and tailored according to the requirement of our clients.  We make easy to use admin panel, which helps the users in creating templates and content in a simple and convenient way without any conflicts.  With the help of our simple and easy to use CMS, the user can add banners, change and upload website content, add pictures according to their own requirement.[/p]

[p]Clixroute Media offers flexible solutions to save your time and our CMS modules help in managing the websites with ease.[/p]

Our features include:

  • Web pages version control enables the user to check a web page and edit it with full control.
  • Our processes are easy to use and you can create and publish the content according to your convenience.
  • Our CMS helps you in creating Web Pages, Templates and Content with just a click.
  • You can define the roles according to your own wish in a secure environment.
  • You can create language conversation for your international clients.
  • Depending upon the roles, you can create logins for your workers and it will help with distribution of jobs and responsibilities.
  • With our Archive Management you can save the data.
  • Clixroute Media offers workspace in terms of Virtual community.
  • With our Record Management module you can manage the records of your company.

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