Clixroute Media is a global digital ad network company.  It was started by a group of digital media experts and is a full service Digital Media Ad Network. We are serving our clients for:

  • Display Advertisement Marketing,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Brand Marketing,
  • Search Engine Marketing,
  • Mobile Marketing.

We are using highly advanced technology for serving ads and upgrading it according to the requirements of the industry. Based on this technology we are able to execute highly targeted campaign pretty well and drive good returns for our advertisers and publishers. Our clear positioning to drive maximum ROI for advertisers and maximum yield for Publishers, is making businesses to choose us as premium & trusted network to build long-term relationships above others.

The market is changing very fast and is becoming complex and scattered; Our technology is driving resources to meet supply with the demand at one place. Clixroute media has the expertise to provide two-way platform for advertisers and publishers across the globe and helping them to generate business opportunities for each other.

Based on our technology, client handling, publisher management, payment policies, quality of campaigns and returns, thousands of websites have chosen to work with us and numbers are growing day by day. We are a global ad network and our publishers belong to countries all across the globe.

Clixroute Media Pvt. Ltd is a 100% privately held company.

The Team:

Clixroute media team has the expertise of working with different categories such as Finance, FMCG, Travel, E-commerce, Automobile, Technology, Hotels, Telecom, Education and IT etc. Each member of the team is professionally driven and gets motivated from the work they do to grow and excel with-in the company, for the company.

Our team is always dedicatedly engaged in providing insight into the latest developing market trends and generating business opportunities for our partners through our latest new generation technology platform.